• A collaboration between our local & international partners with the aim of modernizing the agricultural sector through information services.

• GEOBIS was conceived with the idea of creating a new, sustainable, agricultural model where farmers would see increases in their agricultural yields, a decrease in their costs and thus, a significant increase in their income.

• 100,000 + Farmers have been added to our Database.

• 1500 farmers & 600 dealers have been trained on the GEOBIS model and act as our agents in many rural areas.


Maya Apa

• Maya is an AI based digital messaging solution that leverages real doctors or counselors and intelligently connects them to users anonymously seeking advice.

• Low cost solution to expensive consultations.

• Taboo topics relating to health and psycho-social issues are addressed.

• Access to sexual and reproductive and other health related products for those unable to purchase them due to various reasons.